Giving to Your Parish Church

Like all Church of England parishes, the Benefice of St. Luke’s, Matfield and St. Mary’s, Lamberhurst has to generate its own income in order to sustain its ongoing ministry, as well as maintain the two buildings in its care.

The majority of our income for all we do comes from your prayerful, generous, and regular giving.

Regular committed giving by church members enables the church to carry out God’s mission in the world.  It is the generous giving of those who value and support the Churches work which underpins all its work.

Thank you! We are so grateful to you for taking seriously the commitment to financial giving as part of discipleship. Your financial support will allow us to continue looking after the spiritual needs of people in our parishes.

Each year in the Benefice we invite everyone to reflect on their financial giving to church.  If you would like to make a donation or feel you are able to increase your giving please complete a donation form for either St. Luke's or St. Mary's.

Gift Aid

Churches are charities and can recover the basic-rate tax paid on donations made by donors who are taxpayers (but only with permission from the taxpayer). This is easily done by completing the donation form.